Monday, September 28, 2015


Radio Silence

It’s been quite a few weeks since the last update. We had our move in date set on Aug 29th. It has been very busy and stressful leading up to the move. Then it was equally as stressful post move. I’ll document all this in the next post. We have been without internet up until last week. I know I could have updated the blog with my phone but I wanted to get internet set up properly, then I can have my computer set up properly before I get the posts going again. We have been living in the laneway house for about three weeks now, we’re starting to get more settled. Really looking forward to getting things set up and organized so that we can really enjoy the space.


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Guest Post: Sense Sleep Tracker Review

Sleep is important is our lives. I believe the quality of sleep is more important than the length of sleep and affects us in different ways.  I would classify my sleep as poor.  I typically get around 6-7 hours of sleep a night and often wake up groggy or feeling exhausted. Thus, I am constantly looking on solutions to improve this problem.

After much researching online I found a Kickstarter campaign that was exactly what I was searching around for. Before backing this campaign, I tried a few sleep apps on my iPhone but I found them a bit troublesome as I had to do the following:
1.       Have my iPhone powered by an outlet which made my pillow warmer than usual
2.       Place my iPhone underneath my pillow
3.       Start and stop the app everytime I would go to sleep and wake up.

Sense is a sleep tracker that focuses on learning your sleep habits. This little device sits on by bedside and silently monitors your sleeping conditions. To measure your sleep, it has a little sleep pill that attaches to your pillow.

An Android and iOS app is used to communicate with the Sense. The UI is very simple to use and was very intuitive when setting up the Sense to navigating through your sleep results.
Setting up the device was easy, the Sense and its Sleep Pills use Bluetooth so connecting with my iPhone was very simple through the app.

Once you are setup, the Sense just needs for you to sleep to start learning your habits.  The Sense measures your sleep duration and your deep sleep to provide a score from 0 to 100. After a night’s rest, you can look at your sleep score and it will graphically breakdown your sleep cycles for the night. If there is any movement, it will record it and will let you know within the graph.

On average my sleep score is 70. As with any score, you will want to always improve your score and the app makes it easy to do so by giving tips on how to sleep better. 

The beauty of the Sense is how it knows when you get into bed and when you get out of bed and when the lights are out.  It constantly adapts and learns by asking questions every morning such as “How was your sleep last night?” and allows you to choose from 3 preselected choices to rate your sleep and takes it into account.
On a few different occasions, it asks you different questions. I usually watch TV or read before I go to bed so the Sense asked me “Do I read or watch TV before bed?” the morning after which goes to say it does learn and adapt to your sleep habits.

The sleep alarm on the Sense attempts to wake you in your lightest sleep cycle so you are not feeling groggy or tired as opposed to your typical alarm wakes you at a preset time. That being said, if you set your alarm to wake up at 700am in the morning it may wake you up at any time between 630-700am.
I have been using the Sense for about 6 weeks now and have found that my sleep has improved.  I haven’t had any issues with my Sense and love to open the app every morning to see my score.
Overall, I think this is a great product and for the price tag of $129 is a great value.  You can find more information at


Sunday, June 21, 2015


Progress has slowed for the past couple weeks. Here's a couple minor things that popped up:

Master Shower: I went to LA for a few days and I stayed at the Standard on Sunset they had bathroom set up close to what we are building. One thing that I got to see was how a partial glass shower screen works. We were worried about the water leaking and I have to say that was very minimal. The other worry was it being cold without a full screen or a shower curtain, I must admit it was colder but not too bad. I got to try out a rain shower head again and it was great. The shower at the Standard didn't have a hand shower, which made me rethink our shower set up in the master bath. Initially I didn't want a hand shower to go with the rain shower head but Simon at Ensuite and my wife convinced me otherwise. We it's a moot point though as the cost of taking away the hand shower  costs more then keeping it as the plumbing was built around the hand shower already and the parts have been bought already.

Move In Date: Starting to think about the move in date as we have to give notice on our apartment a month before we move out. Paying rent and the mortgage has been tough, looking forward to saving that rent money. Our tentative move in date is in early August. Lets see if that date works out.


Saturday, June 6, 2015