Tuesday, November 18, 2014

1 Storey

Going into the design process what we wanted were two storeys. This way we could have a balcony upstairs, and then a patio on the ground level. Our plan was to have the master bedroom with one kids bedroom beside us, and a bathroom all upstairs on the second floor. We wanted to have a 1/2 bath and the third bedroom downstairs. This was our thought process: we would be upstairs with the nursery beside us, and when our second child came along the older kid could move downstairs. We would have this nice balcony we could enjoy from our bedroom and a nice patio downstairs. We were pretty stuck on this idea.
A laneway house with a sweet balcony from Lanefab 

Bryn tried to give us the design we wanted, but because of the regulations it was very hard for us to get the second bedroom upstairs. If we flipped the living space upstairs (kitchen and living room) and had all three bedrooms downstairs we would be able to get the two storeys and the balcony, but we would lose the patio. We just didn't like this configuration. After 2-3 tries at getting us the configuration that we wanted Bryn suggested for us to go with a one storey. We didn't consider the one storey at all, we didn't like taking up the extra space on the land (as the one storey has a bigger footprint), and we really wanted the balcony.

In the end Bryn gave us a really nice functional one storey design, we have all the bedrooms on one side of the house, and the kitchen and living room on the other side. We lost the balcony, but we gained a better designed house thanks to Lanefab.


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