Sunday, November 30, 2014

Making design choices when building a new home

One piece of advice that I got for getting our house built was to make sure we work out all our design choices and options so that there won't be unnecessary changes later on.

When I go about buying a camera or a laptop I like to do a lot of research check out reviews on the item. When we went about getting out house designed there was a number of choices to make, room layout, appliances, wall colors, toilets, etc etc. Since we have control over almost all the design aspects of the house, at the end of the day you can't blame anybody for any bad decisions made on your build because you have to make time to do your homework.

There is a big difference from picking a TV to all the designs and options for your house. There's just a lot more choices to make. This is how we went about our process.

1. Trust the professionals. I'm not the expert. I'll do some homework but I'm going to rely on the designers to help get us 80% there and I can fiddle with the last 20%.

2. Compartmentalize. This is something that Lanefab really helped us with. All the choices were broken down into manageable steps. First was the roof shape. Then the room layouts. Flooring and tile, appliances. Step by step we took on the design choices one by one rather then to attack the whole thing all at once.

3. Take your time. I know this might be frustrating for some but this is a big investment. Take your time to figure everything out. Imagine how you are going to use the house. Where do you want the electrical outlets? Where are you going to store the vacuum? You can't account for everything but take the time to imagine how you are going to live in this space to avoid costly changes down the road.

So far we got a lot of our decisions nailed down. We are happy with what we decided on so far, but we still have a bunch of stuff to figure out. One step at a time. 


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