Sunday, December 7, 2014

Fitting your house to you

Evening discussions over the kitchen cabinet height

We got our second set of revisions to the millwork everything is starting to come together. We would often take these plans and measure out the size in real life with the measuring tape. One thing we did not account for was the cabinet height. What we found was the cabinets might be just slightly too high for my wife to comfortably reach inside the cabinets. It's a small detail but I can see it being annoying in the long run. Since we are building the entire house from scratch we would like to adjust the cabinet heights so that it would be optimized for my wife's reach. Again a small detail but because we have the luxury to adjust it now with low aggro we might as well. 

So two things, we don't know how much to lower the cabinets so we will defer to the experts to recommend an adjustment based on my wife's reach. Second this is a really good example of really taking the time to look over your plans and try the best you can to visualize how you are going to utilize the space every day.


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