Thursday, December 18, 2014

Guest Post: Home Automation from another perspective

I'm a pro home automation and I am also a tech geek nerd.

Technology has always interested me growing up, from RC cars to pagers and the old brick cell phone it was something about learning about emerging tech that piqued my interest and has stuck with me since then.

I am not into the smart appliances (Stoves, Microwaves and Refrigerators) those devices are go way overboard. I do agree that we do not need those devices to be "Smart". They work as advertised and do not need to be reinvented. I do not need to wirelessly connect to my stove and start boiling water as I get home. 

That being said, I do love home automation. It simplifies my daily routine. Being a parent, it gives me peace of mind when I leave the house. I tend to forgot to do the simple things when I rush out of the house and am left wondering if I turned off the front porch light or not and now I can check to see whether it is off or not with an app. On one occasion, I received a notification that there was smoke that was building in my upstairs hallway. I quickly call home and found that my wife had burned something on the stove. 

I don't feel like home automation is a result of our culture being more lazy. The statement "Why not get up from your bed and go downstairs to turn off the light instead of using an app to turn it off?" always is true but imagine this scenario that occurs in my family: My parents own a two storey house. They are in their late 60s and there is always a light that remains on in their house. Mobility is not strong with them so it is a bit tough at times for them to check that everything is off. Wouldn't it be nice to kindly turn off their lights at their house without having them do it themselves?

My mom always asks me whether she locked the front door as we leave the house. With home automation, her door would lock automatically after she left the house.

There is a concern if any of my connected devices fail or are not connected to my device. They can work manually. I can still use a key to enter my home and I can turn on my lights with a flip of a switch. If my Nest Protect loses a wifi connection, it will still work like every other smoke detector. 

Home automation simplifies my day to day life. That is the way it is intended to be.



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