Sunday, December 14, 2014

Kids Bedrooms: Bunk Beds

A beautiful kids loft bed from Oeuf
I get excited when I think about the possibilities with a kids bedroom. It's an opportunity for you to try a few different style elements that might be a departure from the design of the rest of the house.

One aspect that I am really looking forward to getting is a bunk bed/loft bed set up. I really love the space saving aspects of a bunk bed. When I was younger I've always wanted a bunk bed. Now it's my opportunity to get one for my kid (as long as she likes the idea of one). I was actually really interested in getting a bunk bed from Resource Furniture, but we can't afford it.

I really like how a loft bed is set up also with a work space underneith. It's actually something that I would like to have for my bedroom, not sure if my wife would agree though.


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