Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Small Closet Design

Comments and revisions we're suggesting on our millwork plan
Our laneway house is going to have good but limited closet space. So we really have to be cognizant in how we utilize them. We got the millwork plan from Lanefab, what we have in red on the image are our revisions to the closet details. We met with Bryn today to discuss our revisions, he had some great suggestions to further revise the closet design to maximize the space even more.

Here's a few thoughts and ideas that went into our closet design:

1) We are going to change our changers to thin plastic velvet coated hangers. We are going to get rid of our mish mash of plastic, wood, and wire hangers and get a uniform space saving hanger to help us save space in the closets.

2) We made a quick inventory of our clothes and we adjusted our bar hanger heights to double up where we can (have a low and a high bar hanger). We also made sure to have a longer hanging space for my wife's dresses and long coats.

3) Initially I wanted to have shoe shelves, but Bryn suggest shoe drawers so that we can utilize the depth of the closet more efficiently

Prior to getting our laneway house designed I actually never gave closet design any thought, now I'm not going to look at a closet the same way I used to.


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