Thursday, January 22, 2015

Matching Bathroom Fixtures

This post is going to sounds really redundant but I didn’t know that there is a system for bathroom fixture designs. I didn’t know that if you picked a square rain shower head that the control plate should be square also. The handles for the faucet should match the handles in the shower. I tell you why this might be a surprise to me is because of how these items are featured in the stores. I understand that it makes sense to have all your faucets in one place and your shower heads in another, but it’s hard sometime for someone picking their fixtures to link everything together. I guess the companies make it easier by naming a certain look under a series, and this is clearer in their catalogs. I have to say that most of the time looking at these items online can be overwhelming. 

So this is the process that was broken down to us by Ensuite. You visit the store have the sales consultant walk you though the showroom to give you the low down about brands and items. This brand is from Germany, this is the higher end line from this brand, this steel is thinner then this other item, etc. Once you get the once over of the showroom, they would give you catalogs to take home to look over. Just highlight the items that you like in the catalogs, don’t worry about the price for now as once you have a bunch of stuff picked out you book a second meeting with the sales consultant and they can walk through your choices and build packages for you.  If some of the items are too expensive they would try to find a cheaper alternative, it’s easier to do this as they already know what your ideal is and you can choose the areas to spurge and which areas to cut back on.

We’re getting close on our fixtures figured out, looking forward to tackling the next area of the house.


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