Thursday, January 29, 2015

Picking out Lighting Fixtures for a New Home Build

When it came down to picking the lighting fixtures I was excited to pick out the pendant light for the dining room area with my wife. There are some many great pendant lights out there. We ended up going with something relatively simple and it didn't take us very long. 

The bathroom sconces, that is another story. I don't know why it took us so long to figure out our bathroom sconces. We are actually still figuring out the master bath one. We picked two that would flank the medicine cabinet in the master bath, but due to the small size of our bathroom we had to look reducing the size of our mirror cabinet to fit the two sconces that we picked. So we are back on the drawing board because we want the larger medicine cabinet. 

We ended up going with the smaller medicine cabinet in the main bathroom just so we can match the horizontal sconce that we picked out. Maybe 

I found out later that we had to pick out a sconce for our mechanical room, I just picked out a simple cube sconce for it as it won't really be seen anyways. 

Having a tough time picking out bathroom sconces is a pretty classy first world problem. 

On to the next lighting store!


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