Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Laneway House at the BC Home and Garden Show

We had a great time visiting the BC Home and Garden Show. We check out a lot of great booths. Here are some of our favourites:

K2 Stone, we went to the show specifically to look for cladding options. K2 had some really nice stone options.

Velux, even though we decided against getting a skylight, checking out the Velux booth kinda makes me second guess my choice. I really like their product.

The Shelf Genie, I always like looking at all the space saving solutions at the Shelf Genie booth. I especially like their patented corner Lazy Susan drawer solution.

Jon Marshall Picnic Tables, I'm not sure if we have the space for one of these picnic tables, but they are really really nice.

Lastly, I always pick up some beef jerky from BKH.


Tuesday, February 17, 2015

BC Home and Garden Show

The BC Home and Garden Show starts on Feb 18th and runs through Sunday Feb 22nd. We're looking forward to the show, as we've made a lot of key decisions last time we were at the BC Home and Garden Show. It's a great one stop shop to talk to vendors, compare brands and to check out innovative concepts. I'll head there on the weekend with my family. Look forward to checking out the presentations from the guest speakers. We're deciding on a the cladding hopefully we'll get inspired after checking out the show.



Day 1 of demolition
Day 2 of demolition


Monday, February 2, 2015

Site visit of a new Laneway House Build

Not our house, but it'll look like this. I guess it's our sister house
Over the weekend we went and visited a build that Lanfab is currently working on. This laneway house is really close to how our laneway house looks like. There are some significant differences, but in terms of the exterior shape and the overall square footage it's pretty close.

We got a good idea of how big the space is going to be, how high the ceilings will feel and etc.

I really wanted to get a sense of how much light will get into the house. One thing that we decided against while we were there was to scrap the indoor skylight that would let light come in through the lot windows into the small third bedroom.

Kinka wish our build was this far along. We'll start soon.