Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Guest Post: August Smart Lock Review

I was in the market for a Smart lock and researched many Smart Locks (Lockitron, Goji, Kevo,) and decided in purchasing the August Smart Lock.

A few factors weighed in on my purchase. Security, Price and Installation.

Security: I wanted a solution where I could still use my keys in case either I forgot my phone or I ran out of batteries. I also wanted to make sure the Smart Lock was not easily hackable so it would not make my home vulnerable. The August Smart Lock uses Bluetooth LE and its wrapped in 128-bit AES encryption. Even with the encryption, is my home still vunerable? Yes. Would a skilled hacker hack into my Smart Lock or rather hack into a Government website or bank? I would think it would be the latter.

Price: I purchased the August Smart Lock for $199USD last year when they were offering preorders for the device. They have raised the price to $250USD so I thought for the price and how it does not require you to replace your entire door lock.

Installation: Installation and setup took a total of about 10mins. The August Smart Lock replaces your deadbolt and fits almost all deadbolts on the market. The easiness of the installation was very impressive. A small download of the August app on the App Store and I was quickly able to configure and calibrate my Smart Lock.
The August Smart Lock uses 4 AA batteries which will typically last for year with normal everyday use. It also has a patented EverLock feature which will automatically lock your door. To unlock your door, the August Smart Lock uses their Auto Unlock feature with uses your GPS and bluetooth to unlock your door as your approach it.

After using the August Smart Lock for a few months, I have run into a few issues with my Smart Lock.
On one occasion, my Smart Lock did not work and my front door did not open. I opened the app on my phone and could not connect to it. The only solution I had was to use my keys and then remove the batteries from my Smart Lock and then I was able to connect to my Smart Lock.

I emailed their support with the issue and they promptly replied that their Auto Lock and Everlock were currently in BETA and an Firmware update would be rolling out in the next couple of month that will hopefully resolve this issue.

Overall I am happy with my August Smart Lock. The relative ease of installation, price and fast support factored into my experience with this product. If you were looking for a Smart Lock on the market, this is a Smart Lock I would recommend.


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