Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Decisions on Home Design Doesn't Stop

Paper cutouts of drawer handles I printed to help us pick handles
I thought that after construction was under way that we would need to stop making decisions on items as a lot of it has been figured out already. But as the construction went underway we had periods of time where we would spend a few nights in a row picking out options which we weren't aware of or options of things that didn't work out as planned. I guess there are some things that we could have left to the contractors decisions but I fully believe that having a chance to build your own house is a rare opportunity and if you can customize your home fully you really should take advantage of it. So here's a list of things that we've been reviewing lately: drawer pulls and handles. bathroom hardware, ventilation options for the laundry closet, relocating the mailbox, just to name a few things. I'm sure out of all the little things that we picked out there is still a multitude of options that still outstanding.


Friday, May 29, 2015

Cedar Cladding Stain

We wanted to get burnt cedar for our cladding, the results from the light burn isn't turning out the way we want so we had to explore different options. One was to burn the wood much darker like traditional Shou Sugi Ban, second would be brushing the burnt cedar, third we would combine the light burn with a stain. We opt to go with the third option. I picked up four testers from the Benjamin Moore store on Main St. I ended up picking up Autumn Gold, Bark, Acorn and Driftwood. It was a tough choose but at the end we went with the Acorn colour. Here are some pics from my staining experiment:
Stain of choice from Sansin
Lightly burned cedar prepped for staining
Post stain, the left is the Acorn colour and the right is the Bark
Post stain part 2, the left is Autumn Gold and the right is Driftwood


Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Documenting Change

I thought I would utilize this blog to document a lot more then what I have already posted. There have been a lot of things going on, lots of small changes, figuring out additional options. Some nights we barely have enough time to sit through options and let alone blogging about it afterwards. I do have to say there are things that I am reluctant to write about, I guess I'm either waiting to reflect on decisions that we've make in hind sight and on other occasions I really don't want to get into my obsessive behavior. Once the house is done, I'll definitely revisit some of the choice that we picked in this blog. For now I have to figure out what stain we want to go with. That'll be the next post.


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

1 Year Post

Its has been one year since we started this journey to get the laneway house built. The process did take longer then expected because of the permit delays from the city.

We are looking at an early August move in date as of right now. Looking forward to moving into our own space. Overall the experience has been really pleasant, I've heard of so many people stressing over their builds it's nice to have the piece of mind with a company that is taking care of the issues for us.

We have a handful of decisions to make on the place still, and there are things that pop up from time to time but that is to be expected.

Time to go furniture shopping.