Sunday, June 21, 2015


Progress has slowed for the past couple weeks. Here's a couple minor things that popped up:

Master Shower: I went to LA for a few days and I stayed at the Standard on Sunset they had bathroom set up close to what we are building. One thing that I got to see was how a partial glass shower screen works. We were worried about the water leaking and I have to say that was very minimal. The other worry was it being cold without a full screen or a shower curtain, I must admit it was colder but not too bad. I got to try out a rain shower head again and it was great. The shower at the Standard didn't have a hand shower, which made me rethink our shower set up in the master bath. Initially I didn't want a hand shower to go with the rain shower head but Simon at Ensuite and my wife convinced me otherwise. We it's a moot point though as the cost of taking away the hand shower  costs more then keeping it as the plumbing was built around the hand shower already and the parts have been bought already.

Move In Date: Starting to think about the move in date as we have to give notice on our apartment a month before we move out. Paying rent and the mortgage has been tough, looking forward to saving that rent money. Our tentative move in date is in early August. Lets see if that date works out.