Why did you create this blog?

When I was doing research to build a Vancouver laneway house I found that I couldn't find a blog and website that had the information that I wanted. I got a bunch of info from different sources and some info from talking to friends and acquaintances. I thought someone interested in getting a laneway house built in Vancouver would benefit from reading about our experience.

Where is the laneway house going to be located?

East Vancouver, B.C. Canada

Why do you nerd out on the design and materials so much?

I'm a textile designer for a fashion company here in Vancouver. I approach this project much like my projects at work. Usually in my day job I would figure out trends and do a lot of in depth research about the trend and develop my artwork for the season. Though I am not an expert in home and interior design I'm trying to get as much knowledge as possible to make good informed decisions so that we would limit the amount of revisions to the laneway house design. 

What were some of your other options before going with a laneway house?

Since are starting a small family we needed a two bedroom at least. So we were considering renting until the real estate market cools down (I was prepared to wait but I don't know about my wife) or maybe a town home just outside of Vancouver. Being able to get three bedrooms in a laneway house was the tipping point that we needed to get us to commit to the laneway house.

What your goal with this blog?

I really want this blog to give insight on our experience with getting our laneway house built. Hopefully this will be beneficial for others. After the laneway house is built I want to keep everybody on updates to the place and our thoughts years later. I guess in some ways a long term review.

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